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Optional 1-Day Workshop (Thursday, 21 May)

Cost: $995

Course Overview

A course designed to give you everything you need to lead and manage an Asset Strategy Management (ASM) process. ASM is a business process describing how asset maintenance plans are managed over time to continue to provide the desired balance of risk, cost and performance.

ASM has the objective of ensuring reliability strategy decisions (what you choose to do) and reliability strategy content (how you choose to do it and why you chose to do it) is optimal and implemented on all assets, all the time. To ensure that the optimal strategy is on all assets, all the time requires ongoing review, and update, of the performance of the asset, and adjustment of the reliability strategy to meet changing performance needs or operational conditions.

Course Key Learning

  • Broaden knowledge of the role of ASM in the asset management system and the value it delivers
  • Learn the key elements for effective reliability strategy development
  • Understand the foundations of ASM and how to implement them

Course Modules

1. The Current Reliability Environment

Establishes the current state of the reliability function in most industries and organizations.

2. Reliability Strategy

Outlines the elements of reliability strategy covering an assets life cycle.

3. Reliability Tactics: Key Elements

The key elements required for sound reliability strategy development or review.

4. Asset Strategy Management (ASM)

Provides an overview of the ASM process.

5. The Three Phases Of ASM

Covers the three foundational phases of ASM; Build, Deploy, Sustain.

6. Connected Reliability Strategies

Explores the value in connected reliability strategies and how to achieve them.

7. Building A Culture Of Reliability

Outlines how ASM supports the development of a culture of reliability.

8. Implementing ASM

Covers the implementation options for ASM.

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Gain the skills you need to transform reliability through leadership, culture, process and technology